Urban Legends – Robert Johnson

An American blues singer and musician who died mysteriously at the age of 27. Legend has it that he traded his soul for mastery of the blues guitar. Fact or …

Too Good to Be True: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends

vg, 480 pages

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  1. ItsMe Marcelo /

    omg that scared the shit out of me!

  2. ItsMe Marcelo /

    it kinda doesn’t make sense I don’t get it

  3. Morec0 /

    The way I understand it:

    When someone has nothing, the people he’s around will accept him more as one of them, but the moment he gain something the other’s don’t have they will turn on him – in the context of the quote, by saying he was possessed by Satan (or some such).

  4. kiryuandgodzillagirl /

    i love you I love you I love you

  5. david brown /

    He did.  A poisoned bottle of whiskey at a parlor.

  6. david brown /

    He actually ran away from home up to Arkansas for 6-8 months.

  7. Matias Zapata /

    This is actually scary as shit

  8. Jackie Zarabi /

    Do The Chupacabras.

  9. yeastori /

    the legend of George Carlins

  10. thoamas hairston /

    I sold my soul so I could be awesome at video games

  11. anthony fahlsing /

    I haven’t sold my soul yet ….I willto the devil….to be one of his demons! >:)

  12. 100piontsandover /

    its not real though

  13. 100piontsandover /

    that explains your picture :/

  14. Real Life Mysteries /

    It wasn’t explained due to its obviousness. Guitarists turn their backs to the audience to conceal their techniques. Why would he leave in the middle of a performance? I don’t know. Maybe he had to take a shit? Think of plausible explanations before you recur to supernatural ones.

  15. lexieburnafteruroll /

    I agree with the comment below reminds me of the saying ” when I hear hooves I think horse not unicorn” … However it does add to the mystery the fact the he died at the age of 27 like Hindrix Amy Winehouse & a number of other stars who have had troubled lives and allegedly sold their souls to or allowed spirits to take over them …lol I guess that’s food for thought

  16. Jade L /

    Just by looking at the name Teke Teke creeps me the phuck out!!

  17. Nerwik /

    Supernatural :D

  18. DarknessXevil /


  19. ismfofisawesome3 /

    doesnt this myth apply to led zeppelin as well

  20. Improvpickle1 /

    So creepy most singers die at 27

  21. Improvpickle1 /

    I love. Thesevideos they make not wanna go to bed

  22. Madison Taylor /

    Didn’t something like that happen in O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  23. Taylor Cole /

    Maybe if he watched supernatural, he would know not to mess around with a CROSSROADS DEMON….idiot.

  24. LeandelDeFate /

    Love these.

  25. Katelynn Skilj /

    Awesome vid dude

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