Urban Legends – Open Casket Wedding

This segment “Open Casket Wedding” is from the TV series “Mostly True Stories Urban Legends Revealed” one of the highest rated and popular shows ever on cabl…

Urban Legend/Urban Legends: Final Cut/Urban Legends: Bloody Mary

Urban Legends, Urban Legends: The Final Cut, And Urban Legends:Bloody Mary

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  1. Fatcatmurph /

    the pastor is like: dafaq?

  2. Bethany Kirkaldie /

    well when I get married I’m definatly walking up the aisle with a picture of grandad in my hand

  3. zakyzeek /

    Lawana haha

  4. oscarissweet1029 /

    Sure I would do it for my mother if she died like that

  5. samtsuifan2121 /

    I would do this with any of my family members, especially my PaPa. i love him and i don’t find it weird, just original 🙂

  6. toph619 /


  7. jaipimp16 /

    Must be New Zealand.

  8. MrTrevor4LuDella /

    We should never question the intesity or sanity of love.

  9. Aniket Pujare /

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  10. Yellalovers /

    The way he said pussy cat that funny af

  11. Rawr Girl50 /

    he did want to attend so she was nice for that

  12. purgal20 /

    I had a cousin that had a wedding after her mother’s funeral. They were planning on getting married anyways and she wanted her mom to be there. Nobody knew about the impromptu wedding until they announced it during the funeral.

  13. Jxudo /

    This is like a twisted twilight zone episode or something. If it’s real, that’s freakin sick.
    Just like the taxidermy.

  14. CutieDaSkrippa /

    Imagine how much creepy shit like dis happens round da world dat we dnt knw about… Dis might be cake compared to da otha wierd shit… O_o

  15. mshabazz96ms /


  16. Jason Armstrong /

    people that do this are fucked up in the head.

  17. John Allan /

    people who do this are fucking insane…….who the fuck would get married

  18. Ruben Ayala /


  19. Carl Frodge /

    what a creepy lady.

  20. hyuna420cs /

    I need a new boyfriend cx

  21. Drew Levy-Neal /

    the groom should have left when he had the chance

  22. Jamie Camero /


  23. jenevive camantigue /

    here in the philippines, when one of the family member died and someone is getting married, the wedding should be postponed and be done after one year. it is what we called “sukob sa patay”. if this superstitious belief is not followed it’ll cause bad luck or someone will die. same as if someone get married followed by his or her sibling. its better to do the wedding at the same time 🙂

  24. PhillipP93 /

    It’s considered indecent to blatantly show a person’s dead body on film.

  25. Shaedyn Moran /

    Haha so Americans fucking idiots I’ve seen to much of this in america :,\

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