See Creepy Clip Of Dead Moth Being Inflated

Watch as a nature enthusiast pumps this dead creature full of air to see it come out of its shell – literally

A nature fan posted this eye-opening video of a dead moth being inflated on YouTube.

The bizarre 22-second footage, uploaded by user AclerisMoth, of the dead moth being pumped full of air has gone viral around the world, attracting more than 438,000 hits.

The moth enthusiast said in the video description that air was blown into the chest of the Coremata moth, causing the insect’s body, including its reproductive area, to swell and extend.

Dirty-minded viewers couldn’t help but notice a few of the insect’s body parts enlarging, leading to speculation they could in fact be the moth’s genitals.

One user called hedgehogzilla wrote: “It is a Japanese Chionarctia nivea moth and that, my friends, is its penis.”.

While Sean Doherty added: “Actually I believe that is what releases pheromones.”.

Can you explain the strange phenomenon?

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