What’s That Hiding in Your Shed?

What’s That Hiding in Your Shed? Our Top Urban Legends

Sheds form the perfect setting for urban legends. Most people can instantly relate, as plenty of houses have them in some form. They’re often dark and neglected as well, giving that sense of mystery you’re looking for with these tales.

These stories never fail to delight and horrify readers. We’re sure you’ll be careful next time you step into your shed!

The Brown Recluse Spider Bite

cottage shedsThis one has been going around via email for years, each time with a slight change in details. The result is always horrifying and painful. The following is just one version of the story.

The email you receive is a warning. The sender pretends he’s doing you a favor by letting you know about a dangerous spider he’s heard about. It’s actually quite a common type, known as the Brown Recluse Spider. It likes darkness and so can usually be found in dark attics and storage sheds.

The story your friend’ is sharing is about a regular Joe that was cleaning his storage shed on an average Saturday afternoon. While taking out some old boxes he feels a slight pinch on his hand. Turns out it’s just a spider bite. No problem, right? Not so.

The email has a couple of images attached. The first image shows a run of the mill bite, nothing to worry about. The last image, on the other hand, shows a graphic image that not many people will be able to handle!

The bite has turned for the worse, requiring amputation for the poor guy who was bitten. The email ends with a warning, leaving the reader worried considering how common the spider seems to be!

You’ll be happy to read that while these spiders are real, they don’t cause that much damage. If you get a bite, it’s likely that it won’t be much worse than anything else you’ve experienced from other harmless insects.

Cougar In the Storage Shed

You will usually get these stories during the cold winter months. The warning arrives in your email, as most common urban myths are spread these days.

The radio has been reporting some strange activity lately. Food from garden sheds all over the area has been disappearing, with a huge mess being left behind instead. What’s going on?

The photo that comes attached explains it all. It shows a cougar that had been living in the area, perhaps spending nights in storage sheds during the cold weather. The cougar is trying to get inside the house, though fortunately the glass window is strong enough to prevent the animal from entering. What will happen the next time the cougar decides to pay a visit?

This is another one of those stories that is meant to scare people from going out into their backyards and into their storage sheds. Who would want to run into a massive cougar when opening the shed door? We’re pretty sure we know the answer.

Fortunately, the images that are thrown around are from a single sighting in an area known for frequent visits from cougars. The emails are usually sent around to different counties, ensuring a spread of panic over a large area.

These stories are just a few where sheds play a central role. They work particularly well when set during the dark winter months, where storage sheds can turn into scary homes for creepy crawlies, huge animals, not to mention ghosts! Watch your step next time.

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