Urban Legends – The Rake

The Rake is a humanoid creature described as being 6 feet tall, with grayish skin and big black eyes resembling a large hairless dog or naked man. It is said…

Too Good to Be True: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends

vg, 480 pages

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  1. MacRebz /

    If it’s eyes are hollow, how the fuck can the be lit up by a camera flash.

  2. Aurora Dawn /

    when it says turn the volume up…im turning it down :<

  3. Jason McBride /

    The story about it sitting at the end of that couples bed scared the shit outta me..I’d have the same reaction he did…crawl into the fetile position and be like OH SHIT..OH SHIT…WTF is it and when it crawled up and looked me on the face I’d shit my pants

  4. Jason McBride /

    I woke up 3 times afraid to look at the foot of my bed…Screw that thing man…its like the messenger of death or something

  5. Daniel Thorpe /

    Doesn’t anybody think its a grey alien?

  6. Charles McDaniel /

    I’m scared to look at the end of my bed

  7. HumpingDuck /

    oh an urban legend story, that seems interesting…
    aaaaaand i can’t sleep for weeks

  8. MEATHED234 /

    looks like smeagel from lord of the rings lol

  9. matthew flynn /

    you made me laugh. congrats.

  10. Semore Butts /

    By the forces of intimidation, he has the ability to do so, just to make his appearance that much more menacing.

  11. HampsterConsept /

    If I feel something at the end of my bed. Screw that. I’m kicking

  12. MacRebz /

    I think it looks cute :)

  13. Kyle Broderick /

    i’m 12 and i’m back to mommy can you look under my bed

  14. audiophase1001 /

    ‘turn off the lights’, fuck that!

  15. ItsKidsonRs /

    Immediately does the opposite if what they tell you to do for best experience

  16. AwesomeChristopherS /

    Slenderman my ass

  17. Lenin Lennon /


  18. DinoReviews101 /

    It sounds like Freddie

  19. Sin Cara /

    The Rake is Real

  20. MatthewLerns15 /

    well, was going for this untill you brought in slenderman. too bad.

  21. Michael Jason /


  22. AwkwardPuppy1 /

    I know right! One time I jumped into a pile of leaves but the rake was hiding in them and I landed on it and it stabbed me in the ass!

  23. Marceline Abadeer /

    I do what it tells me to do I watched it qiththe lights off, sound up, and in full HD and I’m only 12 :ppp

  24. Wendy Fillingham /

    same here so.

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