Urban Legends – Poltergeist Movie Curse

It is said that in some of the scenes of Poltergeist I-II the productions used real corpses as props. As a result, the dead “cursed” the entire cast of the P…

Urban Legends: 666 Absolutely True Stories That Happened to a Friend…of a Friend…of a Friend

Combining Black Dog’s three very successful hardcover collections of “urban legends” (Alligators in the Sewer, The Baby on the Car Roof, and The Cat in the Dryer) into one stupendous volume, Urban Legends is the ultimate collection of those outlandish tales people love to share. With themes that run the gamut from funny to sick, risqué to informative, frightening to disgusting, these fantastic yarns are remarkable for their uncanny ability to travel by word of mouth. We’ve all heard the one about the alligators that roam New York City’s sewers, or how “Mikey” of Life Cereal fame died from ingesting Pop Rocks and Coke, or about the flustered parents who left their baby on the car roof. But, did you hear the one about the scuba diver who was found in the middle of a forest after a fire? These and other favorites are here in all of their creepy glory—guaranteed to amuse, enlighten, intrigue, and most of all, stick in the mind forever.

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  1. DeiJa Viicky /

    Woohoo! Finally another legend well done!

  2. TheIronDefender /

    You used a Tess Gerritison quote, I love her <3

  3. AutumnMaidenDove /

    I really love your web series. Amazing effects too. Great work!

  4. captainstormsfreind /

    Wath I heard of this legend before

  5. captainstormsfreind /

    This one was not realy scary

  6. rs0dragon0ace7 /

    I know one story to talk about. Birdzilla or THUNDERBIRD

  7. Martin Johnson /

    I agree. My honest reaction upon being told the part about the genuine corpses being used was 100% true was that’s rather sick and disrespectful. Those things were once living breathing people with feelings. How would they have felt and what would their families have done in response?

    I’m not saying I believe in the curse but it’s no wonder the legend began after that Indian Shaman insisted upon a ceremony to appease the spirits.

  8. deathjoker666 /

    i can’t find words to describe how disrespectful it was to use real cadavers.

  9. muizzglitchmaster /

    Wow,I Really Support You Fox:)


    Cool :D

  11. EriksAngelKeri /

    I love this video, really interesting 🙂

  12. XVideoGamerX /

    Good point.

  13. Morec0 /

    Hey! RLM! I got one for you:

    They’re called the Yule Lands. They’re an Icelandic Christmas-based myth. I haven’t done much research personally, but from what I’ve heard they eat children and incredibly disturbing. Would love to see a video on that!

  14. Alex Kralie /

    waayy 2spooky

  15. Jessica Nguyen /

    I love these!

  16. Ralph Altair /

    4 me

  17. Angel Alvarez /

    Do Brandon lee death sene

  18. StaticHeartx /

    Do teke teke . I’d love that or . Aka Mouna or something.

  19. TheSonicdemon12 /


  20. Yuri BRoANdOtaku /

    Its been a while hasen it hahaha ^_^*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  21. 6stanu6 /

    I love the quotes he puts in the end

  22. Fuwa Sho /

    steven spielberg

  23. davejones67 /

    thank goodness you did this

  24. Ross Lynch /

    i do to :]

  25. ZeSpecter /

    this movie is always on tv on new year’s eve after midnight in my country. i’ve seen it so many times but i never thought they used real corpses though, that’s kinda creepy

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