Urban Legends – Carmen Winstead

A vengeful spirit known for dragging her victims to the sewers while they sleep and then tearing off their faces. Fact or Fiction? You decide… WARNINGS: Th…

Urban Legend/Urban Legends: Final Cut/Urban Legends: Bloody Mary

Urban Legends, Urban Legends: The Final Cut, And Urban Legends:Bloody Mary

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  1. ShadowWarriors89 /

    Omg i cant believe people are actually scared. this is hilarious

  2. ShadowWarriors89 /

    Omg i believe she was pushed… -_- Grow up people

  3. AwesomeMarines /

    Well….I gotta say….This um…..I should be Focused on other things considering Im marines….lol…

  4. Thana Hatchet /

    Well…. I was bullied badly like her…

  5. Jade L /

    He’s just one in a million in this weird place we called the internet…
    Like seriously, search “Nationalism” (instead of Racism), read any one of the comments, and realize how fucked up people on youtube can be 🙁

  6. Jade L /

    Get lost, Butthurt.

  7. DeiJa Viicky /

    I searched:
    Silent Hill 4 Cynthia
    Surprised I was it showed Carmen Winstead


    She was pushed

  9. Nerwik /

    t-true! there’s no denying this fact.

  10. spicyfrank1 /

    You should do something on the devils tramping ground

  11. spicyfrank1 /

    And why exactly are 17 teen year olds going to recess?

  12. TheMilitaryEngine /

    Seriously? Did you watch the last of the video?

  13. Daniel Raines /

    They already did. Ever heard of “The Ring”?

  14. thorlley /

    So sad this is what bullying leads to

  15. Dick Joshua /

    i heard there was a slasher franchise similiar to this hmm let’s see oh yeah ! friday the 13th !

  16. ItalianBlackheart123 /


  17. Dick Joshua /

    you know the story:a deformed kid goes to a summer camp and gets picked on and eventually the pranks goes too far and he drowns he then comes back as a zombie in a hockey mask killing everyone for vengence

  18. ItalianBlackheart123 /

    Oh Jason Voorhees

  19. Dick Joshua /

    yeah bro ! similiar case here ! infact if this were a movie It’s be accused of being a friday the 13th knock-off

  20. tjhoenecke /

    11 people found yoghurt in there bag’s and doog pop in they’re coat pocket’s.

  21. ASP maniac /

    Those kids got what they deserved to kill a kid and lie about it is messed up.

  22. irmasensacion /

    They pushed her…

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