Urban legends are usually based around popular stories featuring content that is humorous, macabre or completely unbelievable. People are fascinated with them because they are more often than not surrounded by rumors and alleged reliable facts that suggest that the story could perhaps be true. Most urban legends begin as either actual events or completely fictional tales. Actual events that inspire the circulation of urban legends are sometimes absolutely true and sometimes the original true occurrence has been completely skewed out of proportion as it has passed from person to person. Urban legends are also commonly referred to as myths or urban myths — they are essentially myths that involve various degrees of truth.

Fictional tales that eventually circulate and become urban legends begin in several ways. Sometimes sensitive information that is supposed to be confidential is told to someone the storyteller believes he or she can trust and it spreads like wildfire. Other urban legends are based on historical events or rumors that happened too long ago for anyone to be able to reasonably investigate the evidence in order to define the truth of the matter. Most people find urban legends to be fascinating stories that incite the imagination and give them something to think about. Some urban legends come into being simply because of uneducated assumptions or questions. Urban legends about fat people exploding fall into this category.The exact origin of the content of these stories is unknown. This particular legend is most likely based on a combination of factors. There are stories circulating about people who have eaten more food than their stomachs can hold which has apparently resulted in their stomachs exploding. There are also many, many stories and jokes that are designed specifically for the purposes of making fun of people who have weight problems. It seems likely that urban legends about fat people exploding are based on a combination of uneducated assumptions, the stomach exploding stories, humor and maybe even a bit of school yard style bullying.

Unkind and somewhat ridiculous stories may actually seem quite hurtful to you if you are someone who has struggled with weight related issues. It can be very difficult to lose weight and the comments that people make can cause you to feel uninspired and make it even harder. The good news is that you can lose weight — there are many REAL options available that do work. For instance, supplements containing ephedra have helped many people and they can help you too.

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