Urban Legend (1998) Movie


The Vanishing Hitchhiker: American Urban Legends and Their Meanings

The book that launched America’s urban legend obsession!

The Vanishing Hitchhiker was Professor Brunvand’s first popular book on urban legends, and it remains a classic. The culmination of twenty years of collection and research, this book is a must-have for urban legend lovers.

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  2. JanicesSonHarpo /

    if you did some research before you wrote that comment you would know those gas prices are the actual gas prices that were in the late 90s.

  3. JanicesSonHarpo /

    alicia witt was such a sexy bitch

  4. Aalayza Blackshear /

    I Was Born The Year This Movie Was Made…And I Flipping Love It x: <3

  5. Reggie White /

    When she died I was sad cause her beauty captivated me.

  6. Aalayza Blackshear /

    “Will A Soda Warm You Up?” How Is That Even Possible ? D: Ish the Soda Warm Or Something ? >.< 24:30

  7. Aalayza Blackshear /

    Paul Is So Hawt >3<

  8. Aalayza Blackshear /

    Wasn’t You Ever 18 ? “Not That Kind Of 18” I Died Right There xD

  9. Shawn Michaels /

    funny how when the car started ” Dawsons Creek” song came on….just bcuz he was on the show…cheap plug…lol

  10. Aalayza Blackshear /

    So If This Is An Urban Legend When Will It Get To The Twist ? *SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER* xD

  11. davannacarter /

    I feel sorry for the kids growing up today. Everything is super expensive and they don’t know even back in 2002 gas was less than $1.50. After 2002, products in America more than tripled or even quadrupled in less than 5 years. It’s funny how kids don’t know around 10 years ago, the cost of products were cheap as hell!

  12. JanicesSonHarpo /

    what a stunning redhead

  13. kzinn100 /

    If you go to GasBuddy.com you can see price graphs for up to the last 11yrs.In 2003 it was between $1.30/$1.60.You can find amap of whole U.S. and the adress and price of every gas station.

  14. JanicesSonHarpo /

    why are you telling me this?

  15. kzinn100 /

    easy there girl,I just was passing on something I thought you might find interesting.I can remember gas a 25 centsand Price Wars down to !0 cents,Didnt mean to provoke you.

  16. JanicesSonHarpo /

    Why would I find any of that interesting? Because I commented to someone else about the gas prices in this film being correct? it would of made sense to reply that information to the person I originally was replying to. im not a girl either, are you illiterate too?

  17. kzinn100 /

    cause ya got a girrly name leave me be,Ive got better folks to chat with

  18. Mohamed Alhashimi /

    Thanks a lot for uploading.

  19. JanicesSonHarpo /

    so because you thought I was a girl you had to like act like a pretentious douchebag and try to educate me? I thought so. now go pound sand.

  20. Suchit Shah /

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  21. YoungJustice69 /

    Get your free virus here!

  22. Nate Elliott /

    LOL, i know what gas prices were and even if I didn’t I’m not going to research anything for a youtube comment. It was a silly thought I had in the middle of the night. But In a way I’m glad there are jews like you who are so stupid that they think I was serious, it gives me something to do when I’m bored

  23. Nate Elliott /

    thank god I’m dead now, or that would have bothered me.

  24. Nate Elliott /

    Internet, why have you forsaken me?………..

    It is finished

  25. JanicesSonHarpo /

    If you knew that you wouldnt have wrote such a comment. your only reason to justify it is to say you were joking but all your condescending replys to everyone who told you wrong shows you’re pretty butthurt about it. so its obvious you were not.

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