There are many men (and women) in this country that might benefit from hair loss treatment but have been held back because of some fanciful urban myth. This is a shame, because hair restoration has been shown to help a segment of the population that experiences emotional difficulties related to thinning hair. The thing about urban myths is that they are hard to track down and even harder to correct – the myth seems to spread like wildfire while the actual truth is strapped to the back of a turtle.

We’ve made a list of the Top Ten myths related to hair loss. Take a look and see if you’ve been harboring incorrect information that has been deterring you from seeking treatment:

  1. Helmets and hats cause hair loss. Unlikely, unless the helmet is literally ripping the hair out of its sockets. Should this be the case, after a while you will probable develop a local bald spot. You can avoid the problem entirely by wearing a proper-fitting helmet.
  2. Hair transplant surgery is only for men. Not true, many women make excellent candidates for this type of treatment. It depends on the nature of the hair loss.
  3. Hair surgery is undetectable. This is not true, because all surgery leaves scars. Hair surgery can leave thousands of tiny scars or one long one (from a strip hair transplant).
  4. Transplanted hair does not grow. Untrue, all but two percent of hair transplants will undergo growth. There are, of course, a lot of variables that affect the long term behavior of a transplant.
  5. Few women suffer hair loss. Unfortunately, the truth is that about 40 percent of middle-aged females experience hair loss. Female hair loss is a serious problem because many people consider it socially unacceptable.
  6. I would have kept my hair if only my pores didn’t always clog. This not true – go to any homeless shelter and you’ll find dozens of men with full heads of dirty, greasy hair. Clogged? Yes. Thinning? No.
  7. Hair loss slows down as you age. If only! The truth is that once it starts falling out, it will continue to do so unless you treat it. Ask Rob Reiner.
  8. Over-shampooing causes hair loss. Not true, and the shampoo makers really hate this urban myth.
  9. I can thicken my hair by first shaving it all off. Nope, that won’t help at all. Sorry.
  10. I’ll look like a freak from a hair transplant. Only if you already look like a freak! Choose a good doctor and you will look fine. Do not try do-it-yourself surgery – that would be freaky!

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