One of my favorite urban legends.Still fresh and unknown to some audience. Marble Hornets’ channel: Ta…

Too Good to Be True: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends

vg, 480 pages

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  1. daneion blake /

    well he is slender man so nothing is impossible for him

  2. Toysoildierzzzz1234 /

    Stop saying if its real or fake its a myth and he’s talkin bout it so stfu

  3. danielmena78 /

    I believe him

  4. DamienSlayer666 /

    It’s only as real and you believe the story

  5. Jordan Usher /

    Some Germans made him up as a collage project and pics of it are just trolls being trolls

  6. Rachel Blaze /


  7. dec thompson /

    If it bleeds we can kill it

  8. Jared Gillenwater /

    This video is clearly fake. The voice recording was too clear to be recorded in 1989. I was born that year, and I remember voice recorders were very unclear and distorted until I was almost in my teens. However there may be something to the legend, there have been real recorded sightings of things either matching or coming very close to the description for at least decades, including one of my friend’s father when he was a child. Slightly different though, his had a mouth, and long white hair.

  9. Pyro Red /

    In slender woods you kill him but when you kill him there come like 12 slendermans cause you killed 1 of them

  10. Erlis Minis /

    He was seen in Norway. But where in Norway? I live in Norway. Today I was at small friday club for teenagers. When we were in a big hall, the doors were open. Me and my friend could look outside. And then, when we just took a look outside at the same time, we saw someone going in the bushes with a black suit and what ever it was, it went with same speed as slender.

  11. darkneo23666 /


  12. Zachary Tutak /

    its not real

  13. Zachary Tutak /

    its not real

  14. Bálint Polgár /

    Actually, it’s started on 4chan around 2009.

  15. Lazar Stojkovic /

    Maybe People got really scared and start halucinating and starting about documentary and shit…

  16. ThyRandomGuys /

    Come on, if slender really was real, he would be slamming my face down on the keyboard right nowhedfcciulfyghfushhfuhhyfUKGFTYIOWFYFUIEWFEJGHUH

  17. ThyRandomGuys /


  18. ThyRandomGuys /

    So you remember and you where 0 years old?

  19. SlenderMan /


  20. Griff R /

    Actually it began in 2007 with the original images…

  21. katie Macaulay /

    I seem to have developed a strange addiction for scaring myself. first the rugrats theory, now this!

  22. Becky Belton /

    slender man was just a image produced to show people how easy it is to photoshop images to make it look like ufo’s flying in the sky and alien apearences then developed a story about slender man – simple

  23. Shocksta1234 /

    nope, its actually based off the legend of the Tall Man…

  24. Shocksta1234 /

    nope, its actually based off the legend of the Tall Man…

  25. MultiNunley /

    i saw this thing it was tall it had it had no face i ran i saw a page it said no eyes always watching im going too kill the slender man

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