Japanese Urban Legends

This is a project I made for my Japanese 112 class. It’s a culture presentation about Japanese Urban Legends and horror stories. Please excuse my irritating …

Encyclopedia of Urban Legends

The definitive word on the subject from the dean of urban legend studies.

We all know those stories that are too bizarre to be true—roasted babies, vanishing hitchhikers, scuba divers in trees—but have you heard about the ice man or the bullet baby? This comprehensive and compellingly readable reference work will answer all your urban legend questions, offering alphabetical entries on every aspect of the subject, including descriptions of hundreds of individual legends and their variations, legend themes, and scholarly approaches to the genre. Other entries discuss the relationship of urban legends to literature, film, comic books, music, and many other areas of popular culture. A Booklist Editors’ Choice 2001 Reference Book. “Unlike most encyclopedias, this one may be read cover to cover.”—Choice “Compiled by the foremost authority on this form of contemporary folklore….Superb.”—Library Journal 60 black and white illustrations

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  1. yasen muhammed abogood /


  2. Elizabeth Scott /

    oh Japan….you have the strangest things there….like charcoal flavored ice cream and evil women…lots of evil women.

  3. Renzythegreat91 /

    Sooooo basically if you go to Japan don’t talk to ANY of the women and don’t go to school bathrooms and you’ll be fine

  4. Syorino Takeguchi /

    Ghost stories’

  5. Bree Basilio /

    “When in doubt, get the hell out.” xD

  6. FruitLogia /

    background song is from final fantasy 8.

  7. jellybeanguitarist /

    this scared the crap outta me XD

  8. Jodie Matchett /

    So don’t go to Japan

  9. John Smith /

    Lots of really nice women too… just beware of stretch marks

  10. ace990oke /

    Who needs to go to the toilet when you have an empty bottle

  11. Emmanuel Belliveau /

    ima christian pray and they will run away like little scared cats

  12. Mindandmatter21 /

    No they wont. They don’t exist and neither does your god

  13. tack231 /

    dang it now im afraid to sit on the toilet hah

  14. John Smith /

    The one with the sickle actually likes to hide underneath beds and slice your ankles as you get in & out of bed with your lights off.

    It only happens if you’re afraid of it actually happening, and believe it to be true. Your mind creates it. If you’ve read this it will happen to you… I’m sorry.

  15. NwChryst /

    Well if you don’t believe in this shit why would you be “loosing your time watching pointless stuff”?

  16. abraham velazquez /

    People’ its just an urban leyend but you never know …

  17. Shannon R /

    The girl with the slit mouth is like the one in scary movie 4 wen her mouth waz leaking wen she drank the coffee

  18. 1supersoniccontrol /

    lol Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope

  19. salar saleh /

    yeah me too bro i dont wonna get bite in my butt by a ghost

  20. Whyrweherereally /

    They have urban legends in other countries? i thought it was only here in the US?

  21. youkailoveoborogurum /

    kappa is one of my favorite Yokai!! tengu is cool, either!!

  22. juansanchez411 /

    I’m never going to Japan even doh I draw ani e

  23. Young Eggfu /

    the long neck girl is really good at deep throats, too good, it sucks your soul out.

  24. Tehgunknight /

    better take some big shit before the girl in the toilet pops out. Jokes on her if you do it.

  25. Stager Caraway /

    like this

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