25 Most Popular Urban Legends Still Being Told

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Urban Legends: 666 Absolutely True Stories That Happened to a Friend…of a Friend…of a Friend

Combining Black Dog’s three very successful hardcover collections of “urban legends” (Alligators in the Sewer, The Baby on the Car Roof, and The Cat in the Dryer) into one stupendous volume, Urban Legends is the ultimate collection of those outlandish tales people love to share. With themes that run the gamut from funny to sick, risqué to informative, frightening to disgusting, these fantastic yarns are remarkable for their uncanny ability to travel by word of mouth. We’ve all heard the one about the alligators that roam New York City’s sewers, or how “Mikey” of Life Cereal fame died from ingesting Pop Rocks and Coke, or about the flustered parents who left their baby on the car roof. But, did you hear the one about the scuba diver who was found in the middle of a forest after a fire? These and other favorites are here in all of their creepy glory—guaranteed to amuse, enlighten, intrigue, and most of all, stick in the mind forever.

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  1. Georges Belfort /

    Why know body respond ugh you gise are so germatic

  2. therocpd /

    copied from another user

  3. progenitor20 /

    when I saw bloody mary I shit my self xD

  4. joey hughes /

    the saying saved by the bell comes from #1

  5. Reitanna Seishin /

    the daddy long leg one is actually partly true. it is one of the more poisonous spiders, but can’t penetrate human skin because their teeth are soft, not small. and the hair one originates from girls or women sleeping with braids or dreadlocks, obviously which is a hair style to be worn for long periods of time. sometimes spiders take nest in the hair, but if i’m correct, there’s never been a death, just severe ichiness

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