TTA Podcast 123: Strange Superstitions

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  1. Jake Sanders /

    I have a friend who is superstitious, she doesn’t pick up a penny from the floor if it’s facing down.

  2. Katie Tuck /

    Rubbing a Buddha statues belly for luck

  3. RyskerSein /

    I always liked to do things that were considered bad luck around people who really believed in that stuff cause I would get a kick out of it. I still do actually. Who doesn’t laugh when you open an umbrella inside and someone freaks out about it?

  4. sukaii /

    In Sweden the act and the number are described by the same word 😉

  5. RickySTT /

    To clarify, I "believe" evolution. I do not "believe in" evolution. I think the distinction is critical.

  6. bobbyarliss /

    If a black cat crosses your path, give it a hug

  7. MidShelfAlcoholic /

    One for sorrow. Two for mirth. Three for a wedding. Four for a birth. Five for silver. Six for gold. Seven for a secret never to be told. Eight for heaven. Nine for hell. And, ten for the Devil’s own sel.  This is the way I was taught to count crows.

  8. LogicalCake /

    But you can get to Boardwalk on the first turn! If you roll a 7, you could draw the chance card that has you go to Boardwalk.

  9. Lee Erickson /

    I always heard it pronounced like "triska-decka-phobia"

  10. accebertsmith /

    Auditory matrixing is the reason we think we sometimes hear our names called, among other things, when there is no one there calling us.

  11. crocodylus73 /

    What’s the difference between superstitiousness and OCD?

  12. faceious2006 /

    Does anyone know why the next TTA was taken down about sex and the ministry? I watched half yesterday and it said it was deleted today.

  13. rob whee /

    Christians are tricked into worshipping Julius Caesar.

    Check out the 1st 20 minutes of "Gospel of Caesar". watch?v=wwfY069iPVI

    The physical evidence is overwhelming "Sacred Cross". watch?v=h3Vj-EgwRJQ

    Primitive thinking at it’s best "Magic Blood". watch?v=K89fcDSxDXA

    See the evidence of the cult of Divus Iulius Christos in Rome in the vids below.

    watch?v=abQyXYqns-U watch?v=bDbPi_X2yUY watch?v=31cOKXxn1NU

  14. shadiqmetal /

    u said it right sir

  15. shadiqmetal /

    or if you never wash your palms that much

  16. shadiqmetal /

    ..and much cooler

  17. sepiasiren /

    I was told that if I leave my purse on the floor I’ll never be rich. As an atheist I am mindful not to do this even though I don’t have a real desire to be "rich" LOL

  18. lonewolfM16 /

    Can we please not call Valhalla "norse heaven"? The religion has been corrupted enough by Christianity. The concepts are almost entirely opposite, united only by the idea of a good afterlife (and valhalla isn’t even permanent, the einherjer die during Ragnarok.)

  19. lonewolfM16 /

    I actually like the Norse myths because the Aesir come across as flawed, but generally morally good (if a little obsessed with honor). Odin is willing to kill his followers and create strife and conflict on Midgard, but only to prevent the death of everything during Ragnarok. Thor has a temper, but is also good and a defender of the weak, and responsible for keeping humanity safe. Freyr has his issues, but as the King of Elves is overall a good guy.

  20. Christopher Jenquin /

    I recently took a trip on Amtrak, and I sat in seat 13 on all four trains I was on. I really wish I would have taken pictures of that.

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