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Urban Legends: The Complete Season One

The world is full of urban legends tales that spread like viruses around the planet, mutating and evolving until no one knows if they are true or simply legend.

This collection from BIOTM presents stories that have taken just such a journey. They are so hard-wired into our DNA, we never think to question their truth. A few examples: universities routinely award a 4.0 grade point average to students who have suffered the loss of a roommate. A business man awakes from a one-night stand in a tub of ice water to find his kidney has been stolen. A killer leaves behind a message written in blood, Aren t you glad you didn t turn on the lights?

Each episode of URBAN LEGENDS presents three such tales, some shocking, some amusing, some frightening, some just bizarre. The catch? At least one of the stories is true. All is revealed at the end of the show.

DISC ONE (8 episodes, approx 176 min): It Seemed Like a Clever Idea / When Animals Think / What a Way to Go / Mixed up in Crime / Cheating Death / No Excuses for Stupidity / Fickle Finger of Fate / Neighbors

DISC TWO (7 episodes, approx 154 min + 40 min bonus): The Stuff of Nightmares / Good and Evil / Mail Mix Ups / Marriage and Affairs / The Dark Side / The Human Body / Weird Woundings / Bonus: 45 “Mini-Myths”

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  1. Finn Randall /

    i dont agree that the smith sisters are the scariest of all……..

  2. Jmoon56 /

    alot of these arent scary the final picture was the exorcist makes everything scary.

  3. weldar7 /

    Because this list was made before slenderman was super popular.

  4. Kanosha Woods /

    I agree with KingMew2013 slenderman is scary it took me ten weeks to grab courage:<

  5. Xplayer1998 /

    Number 11.
    You wanna know how I got these scars?

  6. James Bond /

    I don’t see how Slender Man is scary. Unless you are playing the game xD

  7. Ross Pit: shark hunter /


  8. Ross Pit: shark hunter /

    It’s a stupid bird! There is no record of a hanging on The Wizard Of Oz set! But it’s still fun to believe.

  9. Ross Pit: shark hunter /

    No one agree’s

  10. Ross Pit: shark hunter /

    Up your ass.

  11. SweetMother OfJebus /

    are you kidding me? slender man isnt scary

  12. spectreprogaming /

    kaio ken x 3!!!

  13. audrey ruiz /

    Crazy pop up lol

  14. 00Kisala00 /

    why is slender man scary

  15. truebloodish /

    Was I the only one waiting for a jump scare?

  16. TheMilitaryEngine /

    The Smith Sisters was a shitty story, at least to me at least.

  17. Alexis Rothwell /

    is there a jump scare at the end I didn’t finish it yet

  18. Fifi Mcfi /

    The ghost Tracks is such a sad story…A bus of kids….hit by a train….the spirits of all those parent`s children help you get across…..It makes me cry..

  19. Beth Hendricks /

    Yeah, I looked ahead in it. THANKS for mentioning that.

  20. ladyxandria /

    nope.. i muted that shit

  21. 808itzkekebitch /

    song name Frente – Labour of Love

  22. Alexis Rothwell /

    I always do that

  23. Teh Eazy /

    Scroll back up you pussy!

  24. bigmommajenkinsHD /

    What about the hash slinging slasher?

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