The 10 WEIRDEST Superstitions in the World!

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  1. Sheridan Jackman /

    That japan thing is creppy

  2. Felicia Wager /

    I absolutely love your videos. You make strange information so interesting. By the by, I’m allergic to cats too, I feel your pain.

  3. criz19991 /

    I’m Italian man ?!?

  4. Cole P /

    LOL! That’s how I met Bubba! XDDDDDDDDDD

  5. 8bit72HAC /

    I would be too superstitious to stick my thumb in a place even if it’s for good luck. I would think that either something would grab my thumb, or it would get chopped off.

  6. Anthony Gonzalez /

    Juliet, my love for you is undying…now gimme some. Lmao

  7. Xunxen /

    China does that, too? The Japanese word for death is shi, which is also four (though it’s also pronounced yon). They try to avoid things in sets of four.
    Was the ladder one of those newer types where there’s a collapsible bar across the side? I ask because the reason walking under a ladder is considered bad luck is because you break the triangle, which was considered a sacred shape. Also, cats used to be good luck.

  8. MrCrunchyLolipop /

    I love the way you speak swedish. Lol

  9. Coldie CK /

    It apparently stands for "Avbruten kärlek", or interrupted love

  10. Coldie CK /

    huh, looking things up K on the lid actually means "kombinationsbrunn", or combinationwell

  11. andromaster1 /

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  12. Alim Abdul /

    In bangladesh you cant cut your nails because bad things will happen

  13. Motomachi /

    What was the swedish word for bad luck in love that starts with an A? I have a hard time understanding your pronunciation.

    Also, pro tip: kärlek is sort of pronounced "sherlek", the "e" in the middle being an "eh" sound.

  14. Herø brine /

    The last one had a diffrent condition with your thumb in the hole you also have to spin your hand 360 degrees without removing your thumb

  15. adekaiwamisou /

    Konstantinos Mitsotakis from Greece.

    Speaking this guys name means bad luck and things going astray indefinately, while if he wishes for something good, it will probably cause the exact opposite effect. These come due to his shady political reputation. There is a bunch of superstisions flying around about him that he’s a vampire or some sort of undead due to his age and how healthy he is.

    Just throwing it in the world.

  16. Youssef Behti /

    and what about the 2 pac spirit ? If he comes by i would be glad to offer him a shelter =D

  17. Janniex26 /

    Never open an umbrella indoors by doing that, u are inviting spirits into the umbrell

  18. JOHANNES Openshaw /

    I have red glowing devil eyes there is 1000 strange and odd things about me

  19. Nemo d'Tresa /

    The most weirdest superstition from germany is shake the hand of a chimney sweep. He brings luck, and never cheer if you drink water, it is a death-symbol. Also, knock 3 times on wooden tables, .. or, if you know someone who recently moved; give him salt and bread.

  20. Clau Marzipan /

    The flower rule exists in romania too.

  21. JOHANNES Openshaw /

    I have devil eyes

  22. Scott Mackay /

    We are one of the only animals w. apposable thumbs

  23. AetherNightmare /

    So out of curiosity, whose cat was that? Friend’s? Neighbor’s? …Stray?

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