FRIDAY 13TH SUPERSTITIONS!!! -Sept 13, 2013- MattnKayleigh Vlog

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  1. Kristin Reynolds /

    Maybe because they’re not 100% comfortable with having´╗┐ the kitties walking around the house at night yet since they recently moved. We just moved and we keep my puppies pee pad in our bedroom, it’s easier for her in the middle of the night if she has to go and stress free for us! ­čśÇ
    ps. It doesn’t smell :)

  2. Christine Cupp /

    I was born on Friday the 13th, March 13, 1987 so my Pap used to tease me that Freddy Kruger and Jason Vorhes were my brothers! Lol I’ve have some seriously crazy nightmares, the PTSD does not help! So I have multiple dream catchers. Lol love´╗┐ you guys! Hugs****

  3. Gabriela Velducea /

    his little´╗┐ multicolor self lol…you guys are beast…love ya Kayleigh!

  4. Boricua61392 /

    What video editor do u use???? Ive been looking for one´╗┐

  5. Kristi Mueller /

    You guys were so funny under´╗┐ the sheet hahahahahaha

  6. Kristi Mueller /

    Hahaha your dream made me laugh!!!’ Funny when you were describing Niko running at 70 mph next to the car! Omg´╗┐ funny :)

  7. Abby McGuire /

    I was born on a Friday the 13th!´╗┐

  8. melinda102391 /

    That movie is soooo´╗┐ scary

  9. Jessica gula /

    Get married´╗┐ all ready!

  10. Alexis Knight /

    The devil inside was stupid. I´╗┐ saw it in theaters.

  11. hcoli128 /

    Oh and wait until insidious comes out on dvd or blu ray…. it ain’t worth it. That’s just my´╗┐ opinion…(:

  12. hcoli128 /

    Your story kinda creeped me out´╗┐ lol and the music lmao omg

  13. francesca jansen /

    Kayleigh, how do you let them cut your hair?i would really like to cut my hair like yours but I´╗┐ cut my hair myself so can u explain.?? Xoxo

  14. BanyLovesYou /

    Your hair looks burgundy Kayleigh!´╗┐ (: it’s so beautiful!

  15. Daisy Santana /

    Yesterday Was Friday The 13 ;l´╗┐ But It Was Also My Birthday I’m Glad I Had A Great Day Though. Finally Turned 18! (: Anyways Love Your Guys’s Videos.ÔÖí

  16. GlamRockStylist /

    My mom had a dream about our kitty flying and on thursday afternoon we had to send her in to the vet, she’s still hospitalized right now and awaiting surgery (Monday) – thank you for making video that brighten my day, it helps so much right now it’s so hard for us, she’s turning 17 on November 7, but she’ a kitten at heart, she’ alert and eats a lot´╗┐ also her vitals are great, but she can’t walk without falling or looking sea-sick =( <3 you guys and Niko & Minnie, may God keep them safe 4 U guys

  17. martinezmay /

    I love you and´╗┐ you’re amazing but umm kayleigh your eyebrows are totally different from one another..

  18. Andrea Simbulan /

    Hahaha the music when ur telling ur dreams!´╗┐

  19. Molly Anderson /


  20. Molly Anderson /

    I got a job at Halloween City on Friday the 13th :;D lol and LMAO the music during when you told us your dream[x LOL´╗┐ burning eggshells.. && ROFL mattchu when you were in the sheet

  21. brookecourtneyx3 /

    Y’all seriously make´╗┐ me smile! You’re awesome!

  22. Ldylowie /


  23. PinkZephe /

    I really enjoy watching scary movies, but then I’m a total wimp after and I stay freaked out for´╗┐ at least a month so I stopped watching them. :(

  24. lcknky /

    Lol that little song while Kayleigh was describing her dream made it all intense. I didn’t even´╗┐ notice that it was Friday the 13 yesterday!

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