Ask Hyojin – Superstitions in Korea

What kind of superstitions do you have in your country? In this episode of Ask Hyojin, Hyunwoo and Hyojin talk about some common superstitions that you can f…

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  1. xminnis /

    I see crosses all over the place in Korea, that is a really big one.

  2. musindania07 /

    @scrapsathome no it’s not a superstition. It’s just that well, normally it’s just that they’re shy or just don’t want to show their faces on camera. Either or yeah. :)

  3. musindania07 /

    I live on the fourth floor. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  4. neolimph /

    I know the "red" superstition, I love writing my own name in red to freak my students out, but I never write theirs…

  5. Alice Bea /

    well,back in Africa in Angola precisely the superstitions are teken so serious it creeps me out! when you know someone who is mean or brings bad energies to your life if the person is coming to you house for a visit, u must put salt on ur entry doors floor or wash ur doors entry with sea water before this person get in! all the babies must have for a year or 2 a good luck charm/protection for jinx. when your eat food ur hands u shouldn’t eat with ur left hand…. there r like 1000 of it…

  6. Alice Bea /

    wow the red pen it’s just freak, however, in Portugal write your name or someone else’s name or write a note to somebody with a red pen it’s disrespectful no matter what you write! Even when you write” I love you”to someone just don’t write with a red pen!
    old superstitions, you don’t open a umbrella inside your house ,( don’t ask me why!) you must eat 12 dry grapes at 12:00 AM in new year for good luck! in this day when you go out for the 1st time you must use your right foot so on…

  7. scrapsathome /

    Is it a Korean superstition that causes girls to cover their faces when they are being filmed? I see that a lot. We say in the U.S. that if your ears are itching, someone is talking about you somewhere and if you get goosebumps then someone just walked over your grave (where you will be buried someday). Also, spilling salt and breaking mirrors is unlucky.

  8. seoulamour8 /

    I live in canada idk if this exists anywhere else but supposedly if you and your sibling or another relative both dream about death, it means a newborn. life. this happened to my brother and I twice already lol. we both dreamt about our parents dying on the same day. and now well we have two new brothers. oh and apparently if your mirror is infront of your bed where you can clearly see uour face, you’ll die .-. the mirror captures your soul

  9. yaomingjr559 /

    for my culture if a girl dreams about a snake then it mean she is pregnant or someone close to her is pregnant

  10. brodover /

    lol ur sister’s cat is not black…

  11. lovingkorea12 /

    superstitions are related to cultures rather to specific country.
    I already know the red-ink one and the 4th floor one too.

  12. Shengxuan Lin /

    according to my dad wen we dream about stepping on poo or having a bird pooing on your head you should go buy lottery.

  13. bitesizefirst /

    @Ask Hyojin : I would like to know what kinda camera you use and or software that the image and sound quality of your vids are so crisp..?
    Thanx in advance.

  14. aicha diallo /

    Oh you are teaching me smthing as well! i thought we were the only culture with this superstition!!! guess cultures around the world have more common points than we thought :)

  15. NamiBurger /

    I purposely draw towards anything with the number 13. It’s my favorite number. . .LOL

  16. mmbestfriends /

    In the states, we have something like the fourth floor, but instead it’s the 13th floor, because the number 13 is supposedly unlucky,

  17. DanceNinjaTV /

    The writing names in red superstition is well-known in Taiwan, too~

  18. Giacomo Frate /

    The series should be called ‘Ask Hyunwoo’ imho. Hyojin is as useful as expired milk in this conversation…

  19. solarflare317 /

    I live in the desert where it easily gets 120F/48.8C during the summer. We use fans with the window closed all the time and everybody else I know around here does the same thing. I never heard of fan death until learning about Korean culture so I think it is a superstition lol. Just cause there is a scientific ‘reasoning’ behind something doesn’t mean it has been scientifically ‘proven’.

  20. ninathepotatoequeen /

    Here In Puerto Rico there’s a superstition that if someone who is sweeping the floor brushes the top of your feet with the broom then you’re not getting married like ever!.I have no idea how that makes sense but some people get really mad if you do it to them xD

  21. Josh Hudson /

    Knock on wood..

  22. AmaiHarmony /

    My thoughts exactly XD

  23. urmumsfrend /

    When you’re eating a whole fish, never flip it over!

  24. csanchez199 /

    Death Note! Awesome! Lol

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