25 Most Popular Superstitions Around The World

Tweet this video! – http:clicktotweet.comb95Cb Although in post modern society superstitions dont have much of a place, at least not in the typical sense…

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  1. LeekChan00 /

    I cried constantly for weeks after that, mostly to show him what a cruel, heartless person he was.

  2. LeekChan00 /

    when my bunny got hit by a car and my dad had to put it to sleep, he tried to make me happier by saying he could cut the feet off and give me for luck ;_;

  3. ThisMineUsername /

    For a second, I thought the cheese said "porn"

  4. Nawal JMI /

    Today’s Friday The 13th

  5. TheChiliShow /


  6. shawnee richardson /

    its Friday the 13…i feel evil suddenly…

  7. dan fan /

    its FRIDAY THE 13 better stay home

  8. anthony wray /

    GO TO diggdetails..com for more details

  9. Blake Powell /

    interesting I broke a mirror and my luck is very good

  10. TheSurvivalguy57 /

    A trained shot can get a shot on u after the fist cig so don’t smoke at night in combat

  11. comicbstudios /

    you forgot ever religion

  12. man61x /

    friday the 13th comes from the arrestation, death and dismantle of the powerful Knights Templar

  13. KoolWolf1 /

    I have a school dance on friday the 13….

  14. DenSavage777 /

    once, when i was walking on the street, 5 black cats in a row crossed my road. what does THAT supposed to mean?!

  15. Richtroller /

    I have a test coming up on Friday the 13th…
    oh nooooooooes

  16. JayGaming360 /

    it says "port salut" you perverted witch!

  17. Morgan Willcox /

    HerMOYNE? wow…

    and Friday the 13th comes from the early 14th century.

  18. Derp Herp /

    Anyone notice that the cheese label said "porn salut"?

  19. danashane /

    mmmmmm, chesse

  20. CptSpaghetti /

    My friend has a black cat, I hate him almost as much as he hates me.

  21. 9mmArts /

    do you live nearby a motorcycle track all i can hear in your mic is the exhausts

  22. Flench339 /

    And I can earn 4000 dollars by a bird pooping on me

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